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Meeting #2 Friday, June 16, 2006

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We covered some ground on the backend. The system is currently running on top of Tomcat with some servlets. In any case, the more important things are:

  1. Need to formalize:
    • cutomization
    • user base
    • language for UI
  2. Write up schedule
  3. Continue reading

Well, I have been bogged up more with points 2 and 3 since the meeting actually. Im meeting Prof Tan today and I need to either decline / manage this offer for doing a website design. The money is good but its more about timing issue. 

As for the reading, Ive been really glued to the Handbook on Human Factors in Web Design. Ive been abandoning my Ajax and Usability books so point 1 is a lil hard to accomplish. Then again, im having more and more thoughts of what the system should look like and be like. So once I come back to reading on ajax again (i dont think I want to blindly choose RoR for the project) I will have a better idea on which one will achieve my purpose best. 


Meeting #1 Friday, May 26, 2006

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The first meeting was a great enlightenment to what i should actually focus on in the project. But i'll mention more on this in my journal.

Research Question:

"Given some typical user tasks, what can be improved by, lets say, an AJAX-enabled UI or any other changes for that matter."