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My Bookmarks Saturday, May 27, 2006

Posted by VoeD in Admin, Journal.
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Ive been in research for the project for about a month over now actually. And I have this habbit of bookmarking everything remotely interesting or related to the research at hand. Hmm… Now if only there is a good way to port all my bookmarks to this blog with the least hassle possible. Hmm… I can probably load them as WordPress bookmarks but that would involve a horrendously long list of links. Ah… Ok.. never mind, Im just going to make a dedicated page for it. Ill get right on it after I finish writing the Thermaltake Armor article im writing for Science CBLC's annual CompLink publication.  


Loading Feeds Saturday, May 27, 2006

Posted by VoeD in Admin, Journal.
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So here I am, 3am in the morning, listing down the RSS feeds I read.

I have like tonnes of them… I used to just use the Live Bookmark from Firefox but that kind of slowed down things so then I changed to Wizz RSS News Reader. Then I switched over to using Sage because of its better use interface. And listing them down on the side bar would just be a pain for both me and who ever reads the blog. So anyway, im just gonna link the OPML here and have only my fav ones (and related ones) listed on the side bar.

Hello world! Friday, May 26, 2006

Posted by VoeD in Admin.

So I decided to use WordPress although somehow I felt as if I should use Blogger instead. But then again, Blogger despite being a part of Google and all, it does not support Post categories and/or tags – whatever you want to call it.

Probably the only bad thing(s) I can think about WordPress (and it's not that hard to come up with one) is that the Rich Text Editor isn't particularly very thrilling, not like that of Blogger. You can't get colors in and not even a blockquote tag. You have to hardcode these things yourself. Then again, to be fair, WordPress is meant to be an OCMS and not a blog service provider. But no matter how you want to justify it, it still sucks. Even more so with the limited number of themes you can use to customize the blog. I cant even change the template. Sheesh.

In any case, I've been wanting to make my own CMS for the past 2 years now. I haven't had the motivation nor the time. Well, motivation maybe yes, but drive is a different problem all together.

So this marks the start of my HYP blog. Let's see how I keep up in maintaining 2 blogs. Hmm….