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The Difference in Web Applications Sunday, May 28, 2006

Posted by VoeD in Articles, Design.

Another article by Luke Wroblewski:

  • Browser Based Model: Users expect the back button (and the rest of the Web browser) to work for content browsing.
  • Discoverability: We are introducing concepts that while expected on the desktop are not as expected in the context of a web page. So “props” are needed to introduce the user to desktop idioms making their way to the page.
  • The content/document model vs. application model: At Yahoo! we found (in testing) that users are not surprised by drag and drop on the web if the application looks like a desktop application. But the hybrids (looks like a regular page but has stuff like drag and drop, inline editing, auto-save, etc.) are much more challenging to design for.
  • The move from pages to the concept of curated objects. Things like trip plans (like on our Y! trip planner) become shareable, bloggable, findable, etc. It is a move from users just visiting a page to users re-finding and sharing their bookmarks, trips, articles, etc. with their community.
  • The social dynamic of these kinds of apps. So many desktop apps were about the human to the community. These apps are about social networks with the computer hopefully becoming the conduit not the end-point. This changes the way you think about designing applications.
  • The Shift to immediacy. Things happen on the fly and possibly in several places at once. This forces the issue of continuous feedback. Having a world of information and a community of more local & relevant information available "just-in-time" changes the way you think about designing your applications on the Web.


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