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CSS VS Tables Sunday, May 28, 2006

Posted by VoeD in Articles, Bookmarks, Design, Thoughts.

In my research, I collated (with the help of Veerle's blog) some articles on CSS-based design VS HTML table tag-based design.

Thinking of it, my first web page (in 1996?) had blinking GIFs as well hehe. The second attempt, which was lost when Geocities was bought over by Yahoo, used frames instead of tables for layout. I guess web designers back then were just hacking away with the structural tags HTML provided us with. And these principles stuck and it doesn't seem so wrong to use tables to design layout. I got so good at using tables for layout, I think I nested up to 5 or 7 table tags in a single page before. The only time I used div tags was when I wanted something floating on the viewport.
Anyway, I have to agree that presentation markups and semantic markups should be separate and with that, (in the more general case) using tables as a layout markup would just be – how to say – a hack. But i guess in design, what we have aren't really rules or laws, its principles and guidelines. You embrace it if you choose to do so.



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