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Ajax Design Principles and Patterns Sunday, May 28, 2006

Posted by VoeD in Articles, Design.

Michael Mahemoff from softwareas.com gave a pretty interesting talk on Ajax Design Principles and Patterns at the Ajax Experience conference earlier this month in San Fransisco. He mentions the 134 Ajax frameworks and counting today as well (Gosh!)

In any case, he gave a nice wrap on some principles (usability, software design/architecture) for developing Ajax:

  1. Ensure smooth, continuous interaction
  2. Provide affordances
  3. Support Customization
  4. Make it fun
  5. Embrace JavaScript
  6. Accept workarounds where necessary
  7. Partition into multiple tiers
  8. Develop for compatibility
  9. Reduce Bandwith; deal with latency
  10. Tame asynchrony
  11. Go easy on the browser
  12. Practise graceful degradation


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