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Meeting #1 Friday, May 26, 2006

Posted by VoeD in Meetings.

The first meeting was a great enlightenment to what i should actually focus on in the project. But i'll mention more on this in my journal.

Research Question:

"Given some typical user tasks, what can be improved by, lets say, an AJAX-enabled UI or any other changes for that matter."

Points mentioned:

  1. There will only be ONE search box – no need to worry about its usability
  2. Back end is handled by Kalpana who is already 1 semester ahead in her project
  3. Known-Item VS Unknown-Item searches
  4. Book Location Directions in the Libraries (for Navigation)
  5. LINC is not as general as NLB
  6. a clear build of the API is needed (simple -> complex)
  7. Inferring user tasks instead of customization per user: From cookies, super cookies, IP addresses
  8. OPAC/DL
  9. Customization need not be part of the project: we need not know what books have been borrowed and/or accessed or where the user is accessing the system from or even who the user actually is (faculty, etc). Session history can be important though.
  10. At least 2 rounds (cycles) of development is important: build-test-refine

Questions posed:

  1. How effective will search previews (graphical?) be for LINC? Does it apply to all types (books, publications, journals, etc)?
  2. What do people use LINC for? Who are the people? Where are they using LINC? Are any of these correlated?
  3. How do we distinguish books (differentiating book results)? Do previews / graphical components help?
  4. What kind of "components" or data support the user tasks? Circulation data? Book location?
  5. What does it mean to "go to the library"? And from where do we "go"?
  6. User Tasks: What is the larger picture? research? finding a book?

References mentioned:

  1. Useit.com – Jakob Nielsen's website on usable information technology
  2. Web Tango Project – Melody Ivory and Marti Hearst's automated website evaluation
  3. The State of the Art in Automated Usability Evaluation of User Interfaces – Melody Y. Ivory and Marti A. Hearst, In ACM Computing Surveys, 33(4), December 2001, pp. 1-47
  4. Designing The User Interface: Strategies for effective Human-Computer Interaction – Ben Shneiderman & Catherine Plaisant, Addison Wesley: 2004

Publication Journals mentioned:

  1. ACM SIGCHI – on User Interfaces
  2. JCDL – on Digital Libraries

To Do:

  1. Read Ben Shneiderman, Nielson, and Ivory
  2. Continue with RoR, Ajax reading
  3. Free Form Thinking on: User tasks for LINC
  4. HYP Schedule broken down by month – hard-copy, Google calendar, Excel
  5. Look at NLB search interface
  6. Look for other Library interface – any other AJAX-ed?
  7. Re-read Malcolm's paper


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